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For the first time in ages, I'm opening up commissions;

Note: These prices are guidelines, depending on what exactly you want, the price can go up or down. If you have no preference I'll just shoot straight and create something like in the examples for you : )

Sketches; $10
Single character
Extra characters; $5 each

Pretty straight forward, looks something like these  

Full inks; $20
Single character
Extra characters; $10 each

Much more detailed and lush than the sketches, looks like these

Full colour; $40
Single character
Extra characters; $15 each

Done to the nines, lense flares and glow effects and everything, kinda like these

Special Orders; ???

If you have something very specific, big, small, detailed, or commercial in mind, please contact me for an estimate. Some special orders I've taken before

Email me at MayaN(DOT)Illustrator(AT)gmail(DOT)com if interested, paypal only and please provide references : )
EDIT: Stream over, but recorded, feel free to swing by and take a gander if you're interested in my sketching process, some SUPERJAIL! and my weird form of inking warm ups (that involves inking over a photo off google...). Next time: I ink that shit. I ink it good.

Streaming sketching and layouts on the second page of portfolio stufff
For about an hour two, starting in a few moments.

EDIT: Stream over for tonight! Computer crashed and destroyed my Cap and Spidey pic. C'est la vie.


But seriously I use that as my journal now, instead of LJ. It's much more freeform and caters to my laziness WONDERFULLY.
So recently, you may have noticed I've been drawing an awful lot of Thor for someone who isn't that into Marvel.

Thats because I love, love, love Thor: The Mighty Avenger, written by Roger Landridge and drawn by our fellow deviant ChrisSamnee. In my humble opinion (And in many other, not so humble opinions) it is one of the best books being produced today. And will continue to be one of the best books being produced today... until it's eighth issue coming in January, when Marvel has decided to stop publishing the title.

Unless you do something about it.

Join the facebook group.

Tweet marvel.

Go out to your local comic book shop and buy an issue, ANY issue. I promise it will not disappoint. I know going to your LCS can be a bit scary the first time, but it's not so bad, trust me! Especially in these hard times, local business needs your support!

No comic shops around? No worries, there are internet services built just for individuals such as yourself.

A new issue drops tomorrow, so be sure to show your support where you can, and THANK YOU.
EDIT: Livestream overrrrr. I did some warm up painting and inked part of that mini I mentioned, feel free to skim the recording on my channel (link below)

In a couple minutes as of this post. Hopefully without too many problems, seeing as my internet can be pretty hit or miss. Come and SUFFER UNDER THE TYRANNY OF MY TERRIBLE TASTE IN MUSIC. I'll be working on my Jazz Legion International mini-comic and maybe do some warm-up requests. No commentary on this one, since this computer has no microphone installed and I don't want to mess with the back end, as it is not mine. Plus I'm pretty sure most of what you'd hear is typing, off key singing along to pop hits and dog noises.
And it's been ages since I did one of these things, but I'm not following the form and I'm not tagging other people since I know it irritates so many.

Tagged by whit-whit

1. I was born in the Sakha Republic, the largest region of Siberia and the larges province/state/whathaveyou in the entire world, a few days before the fall of the soviet union.
2. My Mom is Yakutian, and my Dad is Georgian (the country, not the state), making me half Asian, though I don't look it. At all. I mean, come on I have blond hair and everything. Though I did get my Mom's BITCHIN' CHEEKBONES that let me pull off pixie cuts like a pro.
3. I have one Voltaire inspired tattoo, and plan on getting at least one more.
4. My favourite greek god is Hermes.
5. I used to be a weeaboo and have NEVER FORGIVEN MYSELF FOR IT.
6. I have a large, husky/german shepherd/??? mix puppy named Captain America Bucky, a teeny tiny calico kitten named Cassi(opeia) and a young bearded dragon named.... Stan? I don't know, I'm just watching him for my Dad's employee.
7. My Grandma used to be a supreme court justice in Russia. She received a certificate of appreciation from Putin upon retirement and was considered to be one of the top 100 judges in all of Russia, and never once sentenced anyone to death for fear of bad mojo. No. Seriously.
8. People often confuse my brother and I for twins, despite a five year age gap. I look quite old for my age and he looks quite young.
9. I dropped out of high school towards the end of my final year and haven't regretted it once. :icondealwithitplz:
10. I have a chronic pain problem in my left hip that makes walking torture in large amounts, it feels like someone is driving a knife into my joint from behind, trying to dislocate my leg. I've had every test imaginable done but the doctors don't know what's wrong, but I do know that stretches and exercise do help. I'm thinking of investing in a cane so I can ROCK IT WATSON STYLE~
This both too "AHAHA WHAT THE FUCK JAPAN" and awesome not to share. I mean look at that animation and look whats being animated

Kinda NSFW

The show is "Panty and Stocking" by the way. Yes. seriously. Panty and Stocking.

So I had a few bucks floating around my otherwise untouched paypal account and got myself a subscription.


There is a magical time in every teenager's life when they realize that it's okay if people have different opinions, because the discussion of said opinions are what leads to the expansion of world views, new opinions and maybe even some wisdom.

Only then can the teenager take the first steps towards adulthood.
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